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Customized Parking and Security Solutions

Based in Winnipeg, Prairie Parking Systems Ltd. is your source for high-quality installation and service for parking and security applications. Our factory-trained service technicians are able to properly service all the products we support.

With a large selection of pay and display meters, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and will do everything in our power to ensure that we satisfy our customers.

Our products and services include:

ticket dispenser
Ticket Dispensers
Whether it's a short-term parking ticket, reusable RFID card, or key tag for contactless entry and exit by regular customers, Prairie Parking Systems Ltd. has the right data carrier for every authorization type.
car tags
Mirror Tags
Prairie Parking Systems Ltd. can provide highly durable vinyl plastic that comes in many different styles of mirror tags. Make your mirror tag unique by choosing from a variety of colours and sizes, and even a custom design to include your logo. Call us for details.
Access Cards and Tickets
Prairie Parking Systems Ltd. provides access cards and tickets which are hard paper or plastic cards with transponder, chip, magnetic stripe and/or barcodes for all applications like parking, or access control in general. Please call us for details.
Automated Carwash Control Systems
Prairie Parking Systems Ltd. is a Manitoba owned company. We have been providing installation and service to the parking and security industry for over 30 years. Our service technicians are factory trained to service the products we support.
Card Access Systems
One of the greatest security measures you can take to protect your property or business is limiting access to only authorized individuals. Card access systems not only allow you to prevent unauthorized access from outsiders, but they also allow you to manage access to sensitive areas of your operation. With card access systems, every entrance and exit is recorded.

Card access systems can do more than simply keep a door locked. Our flexible card access systems allow you to program doors to be open during business hours and automatically lock upon closing. They can be used as a time record to track employee hours or they can even be integrated with elevators to ensure visitors can only reach designated floors.

The uniquely designed hardware and software of card access systems make it possible to manage even the most complex sites. Call us for more details.
Innovative barriers and automated payment machines provide efficient and effective solutions for parking space management. Turnstiles and intelligent visitor management open new opportunities in stadiums, trade fairs and amusement parks. Clever ticket readers and online tickets offer new perspectives for mountain destinations.

SKIDATA – simply the optimal access solution for one and all for more than 30 years.
The entrance is the calling card for your company. Give your parking facility its own unique mark. Customize your gates with corporate colours and provide easy access for users with a stoplight effect. These reliable barriers for your parking clients come with no limit on your ideas!

The intelligent features of the barrier gate – they open new routes!
pay on foot
Pay on Foot
Prairie Parking Systems Ltd. provides, installs and maintains many styles of pay on foot terminals, which include many features your project may need.
Pay in Lanes
Prairie Parking Systems Ltd. provides, installs and maintains many styles of pay in lanes, which include some of our fantastic pay in lanes machines, gates and arms with some wonderful SKIDATA products.
We can facilitate any necessary signage required on your sites. From indoor and outdoor to LED, hanging or metal signs, we can help you.
Installation and Maintenance
For over 30 years, Prairie Parking Systems Ltd. has provided top-quality installation and service to the parking and security industries. As a proud Manitoba owned company, our factory-trained technicians offer reliable servicing of the products we support.
Parking Time Clocks, Supplies, Ribbons and Parts
Keep your customers happy and keep your cash flow maximized with parking time clocks that remain reliable. At Prairie Parking Systems Ltd. we have all the consumables and parts needed to ensure your parking time clocks are up and running as often as possible.

parking bump
Guard Posts, Bollards and Parking Curbs (Composite or Concrete)
Protect your property with attractive and durable parking curbs. Prairie Parking Systems Ltd. can quickly install curbs that protect your walls, bollard covers and other property from parking accidents. What's more, parking curbs can literally pay for themselves many times over during their lifetime by preventing damage.

Insulated Cold Weather Jackets
Your parking meters and clocks don't have to freeze up when old man winter rears his ugly head. Insulated cold weather jackets from Prairie Parking Systems Ltd. can keep your parking facilities open and your customers happy when the temperature plummets.

parking sign
Solar Panel Pay-And-Display Meters
Sure, most parking garages are designed to be a grid. But your pay and display meters don't have to be on the grid. Install reliable solar panel pay-and-display meters to ensure that your meters remain active during power outages and blackouts.

Swing and Slide Gate Operators
Ensure orderly and efficient entry and exit from your parking facilities by installing swing and slide gate operators from Prairie Parking Systems Ltd.

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Clearance Bars
Flexible & Removable
Gate Guards
Column Protection
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column protection
column protection
column protection
column protection
column protection
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column protection
Prairie Parking Systems Ltd.
Prairie Parking Systems Ltd.
Bollard Covers
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bollards yellow
bollard cover
bollard cover
bollard cover
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